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PROEPICATE™ is the trademark of epicatechin from SYNMR BIOTECHNOLOGY (SHANGHAI) LIMITED, which is one several bioactive compounds known as a flavonol, has been shown to have a unique ability to improve overall health and performance.

It is one of the most exciting, powerful, and anabolic antioxidants known to the bodybuilding and fitness community. This guide aims to provide you with a thorough understanding of epicatechin, the science behind it, and the best epicatechin supplements you should be looking into.

Epicatechin Benefits

Dr Hollenberg believes that epicatechin should be considered essential in the diet and classed as a vitamin.'Essential vitamin' At present ,there is plenty of evidence to suggest it could have a protective effect in the body. Epicatechin, a type of flavonoid, is also found in teas, wine, chocolate and some fruit and vegetables.One of its actions is thought to be elevating levels of nitric oxide in the blood, which helps relax the blood vessels and improves blood flow.And its antioxidant properties could explain how it might stop cancers.

  • Epicatechin for Muscle Growth and Strength
  • Epicatechin for Muscle Endurance
  • Epicatechin for Blood Glucose Regulation
  • Epicatechin for Brain and Heart Health

EpicatechinSupplement Dosage

For muscle-building and physique-enhancing purposes, based on the studies above, the recommended epicatechin dosage is:

150mg~200 mg of epicatechin, daily.

This is considered to be a good daily dosage for those of normal body weight.

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